BUSINESS – CellTec Engineering Automation Systems, Melbourne

INDUSTRY – Engineering Automation Systems


DETAILS – WordPress, Woocommerce eCommerce, CBA BPoint Payments System, Hosting, Mailchimp Newsletters.

Since joining CellTec, I have built an entirely new website using WordPress with the intention of making it accessible and user-friendly for all employees. The main focus of the website is to :-

– Build an online store selling products to Engineers and Electricians.
– Develop a custom online quoting system for the sales team.
– Build a knowledge base for all products.

As this is an industry where sales are mainly made via phone or in person, it has been exciting and interesting to see how we can change the way an industry has ‘always done things’.

By providing a user-friendly system, the sales team can arrange quotes whilst travelling nationally. The plan is to reduce software costs by combining the need for customer databases and quoting systems and create a more efficient process.

We also want to become the website people go to for educational purposes within the industry.